Free Wireless Hue Lighting Control System

Free Wireless Hue Lighting Control system for your next project, simply purchase Modular Lighting and your client will receive a free Hue system.

Philips Hue is the worlds largest wireless lighting control eco system. Bunnings, JB Hi-Fi and other leading stores sell Hue wireless light bulbs, LED strips, presence sensors and wireless switches.

Modular Lighting supply fixtures rather than bulbs. To control their fixtures simply use the unique “Hue Connect” This little wireless box switches on/off & dims your Modular Lighting fixtures.

One “Hue Connect” is required per circuit, it is installed in the ceiling at the first downlight, switching and dimming that circuit. A additional two core cable is required so this is better suited to new installations although retro fitting is still possible.

A Philips Hue Bridge does all the clever wireless transmission, the iOS or Android app sets the scenes, brightness and timers. It is a full function system but very easy to install, commission and use, even control the pool and garden lights!

Upgrade your specification to Modular Lighting and wireless Hue control.


Terms & Conditions

  • The not so small print : Modular Lighting and Partners will provide one free “Hue Connect” for each circuit based on an average of five Modular Lighting fittings per circuit. If you need extra Hue Connects these are available for purchase.
  • The Hue Bridge $89, and Sensors $49 and Switches $29 are client supplied.
  • Fixtures to be purchased with 1-10v control gear. Hue Connect will be shipped with fixtures
  • Promotion open for 2020 to residential and commercial customers in Australia and New Zealand only.

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