The Missing Link for Philips Hue

Modular Hue Connect

Philips Hue is the largest connected lighting eco-system, launched in 2014.

The range is generally LED light bulbs and LED strip lighting, with dimmable and tuneable white or coloured light. Recent expansion of the system has added garden lighting, sensors and dimmer switches.

Based on the proven Zigbee wireless network, Hue lighting is controlled via smartphone apps, local Hue dimmers and voice command such as “hey Siri turn the kitchen lights to 50%”

All the lamps are connected to the Philips Hue Bridge, which is the brains of the system sending the signal from the smartphone to the lamps. The Bridge also allows remote access, scenes and timers. Remarkably clever, smooth LED dimming and fantastic value.


The missing link – As a design lead architectural lighting supplier our clients often ask how to control Modular Lighting Instruments fixtures. Typically the application would be a home, bar or meeting room where the light sources are LED downlights, 24v LED strips, pendants and LED profiles.

Hue Connect is now available and in stock from Modular Lighting & Partners in Australia and New Zealand. 

Hue Connect is manufactured by Modular Lighting Instruments of Belgium, who are 100% owned by Philips Lighting, now called Signify. Hue Connect is a “Friend of Hue” ensuring 100% compatibility and fully approved for Australian and New Zealand electrical standards.

If you are a home owner, bar owner or just want to add a simple, proven, fully connected dimming system to your next project consider Modular Hue Connect.


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