Our approach to the COVID-19 situation

Dear Customers, friends and colleagues 

I write this as a way to not only reinforce the guidelines and messages our government are releasing by the day but also as a way to communicate the steps we are taking to ensure business continuation in of the escalating COVID-19 situation. We take COVID-19 very seriously and express that we are taking all the necessary precautions in this time of turbulence.In regards to our general operations, Modular Lighting & Partners wish to make you aware that our lights are on and our business is functioning in the following way:

Remote across Australia & New Zealand

The team at Modular Lighting & Partners will be working remotely where possible. We are fully equipped to operate our business remotely from our four office locations and assure our customers of our continued support.

Customer Service/Order Entry/Sales

All sales desks and sales support functions are fully operational either within the office or working remotely. Orders can be received and processed as normal. Our external sales staff are working where possible from home and available via mobile and e-mail.


Our finance team are fully operational in a remote capacity to make and receive payments. Please contact them as normal via email or phone.

Whilst some interruption is expected due to customs and freight restrictions, our logistics team is also fully operational and are working to fill orders and reduce any external impacts.


The vast majority of our product comes from Belgium, UK and Germany. Overnight Belgium announced a lockdown until 5th April, however staff who can not work from home are permitted to travel to work. Modular Lighting Instruments is at 80% production for fixtures, profiles and logistics. Product from China is back to around 80% production.

We hope these steps will lessen any impact on our partners business and look forward to returning to normal when the current situation is resolved.


Dudley Hewitt
Chief Executive

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